Freebies – Five selections

Death By Lesbian – The artist Pamela Solomon is in the throes of divorce. Her soon-to-be-ex is wearing her down, that is until she finds women friends better equipped to handle the nasty husband.
Download Death By Lesbian
Whatever You Do, Work Heartily is the first prize winner of the Lower Merion (PA) One Book One 2015 memoir contest. It is excerpted from Lanny’s  memoir, Women: One Man’s Journey. The piece reflects his working class roots and esteem of that ethic.
Download Whatever You Do, Work Heartily
Manufacturing Dystopia is the 2016 Philadelphia Writers Conference first-prize winner for short story. Though fiction, it is based on the author’s experience as a Detroit native prior to the devastating race riot of 1967 in which thirty-three died and huge parts of the city burned. Combined with other devastating factors, the city almost totally collapsed and is only recently recovering.
Download Manufacturing Dystopia
Memoir Noir is a non-fiction account of the author’s confrontation with a knife-wielding assailant during a home invasion shortly before Christmas, 2016.
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Joe College is an excerpt from my memoir, “Women: One Man’s Journey.” The piece is a testimonial to memories which emboss the mind disproportionate to others, despite the original experience being but a thin slice of a boy’s life.
Download Joe College

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  1. Hi Lanny, Simon here. I read your freebie Memoir Noir and I must say I was thrilled. Your style of writing is fresh and delicious. You have the gift bro and Stephen King has got nothing on you. I will check more of your work later.

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