I Detest All My Sins

I Detest all my Sins - Cover

Bill Conlon’s Jesuit vocation got trumped by his lust for a high school girl. It didn’t matter that she looked eighteen or got him hooked on smack; it was statutory rape, and she was the niece of a congressman, so Bill served his entire twelve year stretch without parole. It gave him plenty of time to think, not only about what he did to her, but the cascading effects of his moral lapse, including the suicide of his younger brother whose appointment to the Naval Academy was canceled because of Bill’s crime. Then, when young Mikey Osborne got shivved in the prison yard and it appears related to a burgeoning Department of Corrections food scandal, Mikey’s likely killer, Deadly Eddie Matthews, becomes the focus of Bill’s redemption. But vengeance was the wrong track, and it takes Bill’s love for barmaid and ex-roller derby athlete Louise Bearden and her kidnapping by Deadly Eddie to finally learn: when you’re on the wrong track, every station you go by is the wrong station.

“Larcinese creates a believable world of intricately detailed characters…”  “Overall, this is a satisfyingly dark thriller, and there’s an appealing neatness to the author’s careful psychological studies. ”     

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“The first thing that got me when I picked up Lanny Larcinese’s book was a fantastic title, I Detest All My Sins. Then I read it and wow, it certainly lives up to that title. Wonderfully dark protagonist and a gritty, original story that’s impossible to put down.”      

David Swinson, Author of Crime Song and The Second Girl

“Lanny Larcinese spins a tale as dark, disillusioned and downright hard-boiled as James M. Cain ever did. Who says American noir is dead?”      

Jake Needham, Author of Don’t Get Caught, The Girl in the Window, and The Big Mango

I Detest All My Sins by Lanny Larcinese is a hell of a read. It’s dark and exciting, and Lanny is one of the great new voices in the genre.”     

John Gilstrap, author of Scorpion Strike and the Jonathan Grave thriller series

“Don’t hang up that trenchcoat just yet! The great pulp-noir tradition, as practiced by masters like David Goodis and Jim Thompson, is alive and well in the steady hands of Lanny Larcinese. I Detest All My Sins is not to be missed.”

     Peter Blauner, author of Sunrise Highway and Slow Motion Riot