Confetti #3

These are FB posts of mine from various threads. They are, in effect, little mini essays in response to what the thread presented. Though they are also self-contained thoughts.

Rebecca, your point is really interesting, especially for writers. Here are some random thoughts… Emotions are essential for survival value, deep brain stuff that allows us to reflexively respond to threats real or imagined; even positive emotions like love serve that purpose, e.g., allow us to bond with mates and communities—again, important to our survival. How much emotion is appropriate? IMO, that’s a function of our rational mind’s perception (read: measure) of threat. Also, the expression (release) of emotions are cathartic when emotional pressure has built up to such an extent it may induce irrational behavior which, again, is counterproductive to survival. Given that we must exist with mates & society, we all strive for emotions felt and expressed which are appropriate to the circumstance though there’s a large subjective element to that—what frightens me may not frighten you and vice versa, or what we love…etc. The trick is to train ourselves to the extent possible that the feelings we have and express are consonant with a “realistic” measure of the stimulus in front of us. A lot of that is rational, e.g., we’ve looked under the bed enough times to know nothing is there but sweatsocks and dust bunnies.