Confetti #1

These “Confetti” are FB posts of mine from various threads. They are, in effect, little mini essays in response to what the thread presented. Though they are also self-contained thoughts.

What made this country the place much of the rest of the world envies & would like to emigrate to is our institutions, form of government, culture, economic system, etc. Nobody claims we are or have been perfect, simply the best there is or has ever been. And though we are a nation of immigrants which enriches our culture, it is expected that after a generation or two or three immigrants become “Americans.” Our systems have brought more people out of poverty and want the world has ever known. Our power, though sometimes misdirected, has frequently saved much of the world from disaster. We are the most charitable nation on earth; we are the policeman for the western world; we check world domination by evildoers; we welcome more immigrants than any other place in the world. Ours is the only nation in world history created from whole cloth and the idea of freedom being inherent to people and deriving from God rather than government. We were not conquered, annexed, converted, dominated or influenced by any religious or political power other than the power of ideas laid out in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution and explicated in the Federalist Papers. Diversity keeps our culture rich, but the idea of America keeps us free, wealthy, and powerful. The cornerstone of what we are is on our currency: E pluribus unum; in God we Trust; and Freedom. Now why would anybody want to change that?